Let's redefine urban mobility and make life better.
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Let's redefine urban mobility and make life better. Electric rideables for everyone. Choosing an electric moped or scooter that's right for you shouldn't be a compromise. We've got design and quality covered, the fun is up to you.
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Jiangsu Eos Vehicle Ltd. is situated in Jiangsu, China. which includes electric scooter and electric moped &motorcycle trade.

From designing to manufacturing, Eos monitors every single step in the entire process. While maintaining our high standards, we aim to provide every Eos customer with the best products in the market.Through the combination of our expertise in the industry and the latest technologies.Our professional and knowledgeable technicians are always happy to help you with any problems of your e-scooter and e-moped.
  • Electric scooters cannot be ridden on a UK public road, cycle lane or pavement. ... Although e-scooters can be bought, they cannot be ridden on a UK public road, cycle lane or pavement – the only place an e-scooter can be used is on private land.
  • Unagi Model One. The best electric scooter overall. ...
    Segway Ninebot Kickscooter Max. The best electric scooter for long distances. ...
    Swagtron Swagger 5 Elite. Best midrange electric scooter. ...
    Glion Dolly. ...
    Apollo Explore. ...
    GoTrax XR Ultra. ...
    Razor E100. ...
    Glion Balto.
  • Electric scooters still have quite small engines, and so they have a low top speed. ... The M488 scooter is ideal if you want something for getting around on private land, but remember they're not legal to use on the road. While this might put you off, it does mean you don't need any kind of driving licence to ride them.

  • The use of private e-scooters on roads, pavements and in parks remains illegal, while rented scooters can only be used on the road, and are banned from parks and pavements.

  • Depending on the make and model, they can last anywhere from 3-5 years. The more expensive the scooter, the longer it will typically last.
  • It is advisable to charge your scooter minimum once per 30 days. Leaving your scooter for about 3 months without charge will cause battery damage. Always use the appropriate original charger that fits your battery.
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